Friday, March 17, 2006

Sun x2100 dual AMD Opteron server testing

I have been playing with this new server from Sun Microsystems, which has a dual AMD Opteron processor. Quite a petite pizza box but with powerful specs. Start test with the installation of Suse Linux Enterprise 64bit 9, however it was a failure since it hangs up everytime it starts extracting packages. We tried to use Suse Linux Enterprise 9 32bit version and everything went fine and OK. Again, we reformat the hard disk and installed it with Suse 10 just to verify if it went well.

While installed with Suse 10. we did stress testing of its CPU, Memory and Hard Disk with an open source stress testing software. We emulate by forking 13 processes, each of which spins in a tight loop calculating the sqrt()
of a random number. A CLI command was provided to run such kind of load emulation. Then we installed a Windows Vista Beta version and run Prime95 to stress test again. Ater that we run CLIBENCH as a benchmark tool. The results was compared with another Intel Xeon Server. Quite a good test, at least we can identify possible values which can be used as references.

Right now, i am installing it again with Suse 10, and well try to install the Linux version of CLIBENCH which is GLIBENCH. Well try to compare if the results on a windows Vista OS if is the same with Suse 10 OS.

By the way SLES 9 64 bit installation failure was pointed to a Service Pack2 ompatibility with x2100 hardware. We have not tried it yet with SP2 since it is really a large file to download. Dataworld is already calling for the return of the said unit.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

life so hard nowadays

Quite out of topic but my I am just not feeling good writing about my chronicles on IT stuff....perhaps I would have to change the title of this blog from chronicles to outpours as suggested by one of my colleagues in Customer Traffic Services. Utilities such as CEPALCO, Water District, even Philcom began adding the 2 percent RVAT on all bills. Recently, last week CEPALCO informed us about the 3 percent additonal on our bill since the 3 percent Prompt Pay Discount was cancelled by TRANSCO to all electric utilities. Make it all in all 5 percent increase in our electric bill. What used to be a 700 /month electric bill increases now to 1000 / month. Then the 200 /month water bill increases up to 400 / month. Huh!!! on the same usage, I got this additional expenses. For the past months now, we are really going on rough times as we pratically trying to budget my salary. Hmmm....quite really hard today....and the only thing i can think of is going abroad....perhaps that can solve my problem.

On rough times like this, a juicy fruit gum or any mentos candy will not really make you feel fine. Then, when you open your TV set, there you will see this no nonsense politicians rallying in the streets fighting for the masses and so called 'mahihirap". Ahhhhg...i want to shout and kick this bullshit people in their butts oooppps i am swearing already..This people make our situation worst instead, when in fact everybody knows that this politicians are just doing it because they have plans to run for a higher position next election. I am not really a PRO GMA but at least we have a working president instead of ERAP who spend his night drinking with his celebrity buddies and going to casino playing cards. I know that this RVAT is really a burden to all of us, but somehow it has reasons why it must exist and what it can contribute to help our country. Havent you notive that the those so called oppositions are the same politicians who are with GMA before. By the way, my onw list of my most hated TRAPOS has PIMENTEL and GUINGONA as the top 2 contenders, considering these old useless politicians are from Mindanao. I hope they shut up and just retire to their own provinces, instead of displaying themselves in the media posing as democratic fighters when in fact they are just a bunch of old traditional politicians.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Russian wins.....Israel loses....

Hehehehe, it sounds like I am playing the strategic war game and in an ecstatic voice i would shout YES, RUSSIAN WINS....But nope it is not a game, but is the Wifi Radios that have battled for supremacy in our wireless world. Hopefully, with its CLI kind of console, our friends in the field will not have a hard time configuring it....Infinet Wireless after a thorough test and evaluation proved to be dominant in all levels against Alvarion..