Saturday, September 16, 2006

empty sentiments

This blog has been a mixture of feelings and tecnical stuffs that sometimes I cannot identify what really is the purpose of this writings of mine. It was 7 pm in the evening, and I was walking below the Jurong MRT was dark already and I was watching the myriad of lights around Singapore. This was the same view for 5 months now ...the same lights..the same air..that I always encounter whenever I am going home from the office.

I am not sure that it is just maybe of my sensitiveness or is it just the feeling..that in a far country like this, you always feel alone...even if you find friends and people you meet everyday...there are times that you feel empty. I tried in going to places like Orchard just to kill time and relax..but I found nothing. The emptiness in me feels worst instead.

Is it the place or is it just me.....I have to admit that I am not used to of being alone back in the office even at home. I am always the lively one, the funny one, the noisy and sometimes the life of the group. But here, it seems being alone is part of being here....if you work hard, then you have to be have to focus....and forget being with the group.

But yeah.. I know being able to work here is a privilege...that many Filipinos like me have dreamed of. To be able to earn enough money which you can share with everyone back in Philippines. Being here..makes me a hero..a real hero not to the government, but to the eyes of my family and friends. Everyone is proud of you and will always mention your name on their conversation.

But have you tried asking yourself....are all your efforts being appreciated? what if time will come that you have to go more job here. You go home, without a job.....then you find everyone expecting so much on you.

You have no choice but to repeat the same cycle again, find another job overseas and experience of being far away again or you will choose to start from scratch and stay in our country.So many questions I have in my mind..but yet answers may not be as clear as I expected them to be... of now, I have to enjoy myself watching the rain.....if possible count every droplets that falls from the sky.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

at instant in 3 hours

I was so surprised when this afternoon 1 pm, when 4 men came inside my room with planks of wood. They said they will renovate the room and will put tables and cabinets. What? I ask, why today when I have so much work to do?...I was thinking it would take them the whole afternoon to finish it. And yet after 3 hours of banging around, this is what they have done to my corner...FROM THIS

TO THIS........IN 3 HOURS...This is our new system integration room, where I will stay for the next year to come.

Ok, for an opening, need to have a pose...hehehehehe. Did I fit in?...hehehehe looks smart though dumb at all times.

My test nook in Delta Network

After Micasa Hotel, another prospective project in Malaysia is coming in. An this time it is a 3 building apartment with 25 stories each. Quite a big apartment, and I am not sure for how long will I stay in Malaysia for this one.

Anyway I am here in my office, facing my Intel Server,Compaq Presario and Dell Inspiron 630m laptop. There is no really many things to test here, unlike when your working in an ISP or a telecommunications company. I am spending my time, just exploring the features of this Lok box, which as of now I find discouraging. I have been in contact with their US tech engineers, but it seems that most of those who responded were not that really familiar with the box.

Well here I my new test nook as I call it. Quite a private room, which I will share with a Russian CDMA engineer, Alex. He will be putting his Agilent CDMA test Analyzer in his table, and I will be putting my Data cabinet at my side too.

Next week, some contractors will be coming here to construct the tables and cabinets for this room, so I am expecting that this room would look more arranged.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

nonsense sentiments

For all the days...this is the path I always took when going to Jurong MRT. The MRT lanes above serves as the roof, especially when it rains.

Here I am... under the concrete Jurong MRT lanes. With the indifference of the place, the only friend I have to listen to was the MP3 player which I bought for 69 dollars in West Mall. In times like is my ultimate retreat and comfort. adopted home in Singapore, which brought much comfort and memories in my entire stay.

The flat where I stayed with both of my Indonesian housemates Didi and Ari. The sala is facing the swimming pool, which makes it accomodating and convenient.

This is the view that will greet you whenever you get inside Montrosa...such a nice place, i can say....although there are times that I find the place so lonely.....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Green Palm Tree

After a long 3 weeks in Malaysia, i am just so happy to be back here in Singapore and go on with the normal and convenient life of being here. It was a nice morning.

And this is the first view I see, the moment i opened my eyes from my 7 hours deep slumber. A GREEN PALM TREE. The palm tree who greets every morning and wave her leaves as if telling me..wake up Kristian for the new morning is waiting for you.

So I got up and opened the window, then look up to the sky, complimenting the new morning with its beauty and admiring the sight with my friend..the Green Palm Tree.

With all the hassles and bustle of daily life...with all this gadgets mingling with our lifestyle, with all the friends hanging around you, with all the pain, pressure and hardships we have survived..sometimes the best friend we could have is someone who just show us how beautiful the world is...even she remains silent and would never speak to you..but by her simple truly feel then she is there..admiring you...looking at you and telling you..Be thankful because God Loves you so much.

Thats my true friend...the Green Palm Tree.She never speaks to me..but she has told me everything I need to know...

Thank God it is Saturday.......