Monday, April 02, 2007

Back to Micasa Hotel

Last week, I was told to visit Micasa Hotel in Kuala Lumpur again, to resolve some technical issues. Well, this might be my last visit, considering that I will be transferring to another company by next month. I stayed on this hotel for 1 month and I was really homesick that time, considering that I was alone in implementing the project before.

I took the Grassland bus for Kuala Lumpur in Boon Lay Shopping Center. It was convenient since, the terminal is just in front of the HDB where I stayed. The bus took off by 9am in the morning and hurriedly I managed to grab a tuna sandwich and a Strait newspaper on the way. It was a long 5 hours travel, and it was 3pm already when I arrived in Micasa Hotel.

I paid 281Rinngits for a 1 night 2 days stay and was ushered to a Micasa Suite Room on the 6th Floor. The rooms was splendid, similar to the rooms I stayed before in Micasa. And yes of course, the delicious,sweet cookies and chocolate inside the green box, is delighting.

I stayed for 2 days and 1 night in trying to resolve the issue on the Micasa Wireless Hotspot. Then by morning afternoon, I took the Lok Box demo unit from Nasioncom in Midvalley Hotel and proceed to Puduraya Hotel Bus Terminal.

I took the Konsortium bus and I noticed that their magazine was promoting some tourist spots in Philippines. At last, after reading only about Thailand and Indonesia on their magazine, they have featured now Philippines. They are offering 288SGD for a package tours, whew! that is quite very cheap. I bet, you would be taking Cebu Pacific on your flight.