Monday, July 02, 2007

The flute band and the lonely woman in Orchard

An ordinary sunday afternoon....same as the other sundays, nothing special for this week. The monotonous routine that we, play, rest, work. Head is buzzing with so much things...pressures that keeps on boiling over my head. Ahhh.....if only I can freeze time and let everything stop for awhile, so I can breathe and rest for a nick of time.

I was walking along the Orchard road....hoping to see something interesting, to relieve the boredom I feel within. Luckily, a band was performing. A road concert! A group called Quipukamak were performing infront of Takashimaya. They were a latin American band which uses several kinds of flute to play their music. Yes..I thought to myself, this one is good. So I found one corner bench and just sat down there listening to their music. Really, the sound of a flute is very comforting and lifting. It was like you are in the middle of a jungle.....hmmmmm....I got so emotional sometimes when listening to this kind of music. It simply touches my innermost feelings and provides some kind of an inner light from within, that you feel its warmth emanating.

I was so enchanted by their music, that I just got up and bought their CD. It was a magnificent music indeed. I never noticed that I already spent an hour listening to them play. I just remember the first time I arrive in Singapore. This is the same place I used to go.....just stayed here and listened to those performing bands in the sidestreet.

Another sunday has ended.......tomorrow is Monday again. The only thing that excites me is the thought that I am playing badminton this next saturday.

I am supposed to go home when, I noticed a woman in the corner who was staring at the ground. Her looks were empty, as if she was somewhere else. She was wearing a typical shirt and jeans, probably 30+ in age. I was thinking, she is a DH here since, I have never seen Filipina professionals spending their time in Orchard alone and staring at the ground. With their salary, they always have enough to spend for movies and outings.

Yeah, another homesick kababayan. By her looks, I can see she already had a family and probably was thinking about her children. Her empty and sad look, were painful to was a sight of struggle and sacrifice.

If only their family can see the pain they feel everyday just to be able to send money back home..if only they can feel what she feels.....alas such life of an OFW......I could only imagine the feeling she is fighting now, just to keep her sanity intact.

I decided to go home..its getting late already.......another day have pass.....another day to embrace.