Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paintballing in Singapore again...SPS 2010

The last time I played paintball was last March 2009 during the Malaysia National Paintball League. It was my last game after deciding to completely stop from playing paintball. And just recently, some former members of PSG Warfreakz were trying to convince me to lead a team again in Singapore Paintball Series 2010. It took me a month before I decided to put up a 6 man team for the competition. The tournament was held at East Coast Park, last October 16 to 17, 2010. There were a total of 29 teams and we are fighting against 14 teams in the Novice Division.

We had one practice only, and after firing up everyone's excitement about our return in the paintball competition, I was able to convince other members to put up a second all Pinoy team whom we called as PSG Warriors. On the tournament day, we have two Filipino teams against 12 local Singaporean paintball groups.

It was a tough competition since the players in Singapore are now more mature and more experienced. It was different when we competed last 2008, the players are more hesitant and afraid. It was our team who can run and attack the opponent without fear of being peppered with paintballs. We were fast, fearless and we enjoy the pain of being hit. I think thats what make us unbeatable then that time.

For this competiton, I had difficulty in rallying my team mates for a fast offensive attack. We won the game mostly on defense position and move only when there are few opponents left. However, for almost two years of not playing, I thought it was still an exceptional performance for everyone.

The 2nd day ended with my team losing in the quarterfinals after winning 4 matches out of 6 games in the prelim games.. I bruised and wounded my right knee and elbow, in my effort to push the attack faster. But, we lack the speed of doing it, most of us are shot long before they can position ourselves.

However, it was a good feeling in bonding again with my former team mates in PSG Warfreakz. It has been quite long also that I have not played and even use my paintball gears. Anyway, the joy of playing again was priceless. And I can say Singaporean paintball teams have improved greatly in their play.