Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tiring Week

My last week activities, were quite stressful and tiring. I was just instructed to go to Malaysia for a maintenance call in Micasa Hotel. They were telling me that users only need to login once, and they can access the internet after without even the need for the login page to come up. It turn out that, it was just an issue of MAC learning, where the authentication gateway will bind the users MAC address to its username login, so everytime a user login, it will be remembered and login page will not be displayed.

We took the Konsortium bus for Kuala Lumpur in Golden Mile Tower and we paid  29 SGD for each  ticket. It took us almost two hours just to reach Woodlands  Checkpoint. And another almost 5 hours more to reach KL, because of heavy rain in the highway which causes  a traffic gridlock.  It was almost 3pm, when we check in at Micasa Hotel. I worked until 2 am in the morning just to simulate the login issue. I was also having problem on my Ovislin VPN box which is not functioning well. I was trying to setup a PPTP server in the VPN box, to allow remote access from the Internet. However, with the PPTP server running, i still cannot access our hotspot gateway in the private network.

Then on Friday, I was again instructed to pick up the Lok box from an ISP to deliver it to another ISP somewhere in Midvalley Hotel. I was able to transfer the Lok box to their office and was told that their technical director was so busy to see me. Then, by 5 pm our Project Consultant for Africa, called me and was asking why his PC was picked up from his desk without his permission. Well, I have to explain again to CEO that it was a temporary PC which was provided to that consultant, while waiting for his laptop.

It was a stressful day...and I feel so exhausted....and then my supervisor called me and telling me to work on technical proposal on weekends. Hmmm, they were not even concern that I worked until early morning. They are not paying overtime fees for all the holidays and extra hours I have worked before, and now they want me to work even on weekends. Grrrr....well thats the life of an overseas foreign choice.