Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fear of losing your job

There was an announcement made by our management. Our global technical support department is being moved into India and all emails, calls and manpower support will be routed there. At first, I was so worried knowing that there is a big chance that I will be terminated from my position. There was a massive restructuring to realign the company's marketing objective and position.

Honestly, when it was announced, I was sleepless and worried. I just joined the company and has been with them for only 3 months. I was so worried that I have talked with my manager and asked him directly what would be my fate.

Yes, he was assuring and comforting, telling me that the company would never terminate me, since my position is very valuable to the company. Ahhhh, I was a little bit relieve, but still the fear of losing my job is still there.

Now the question is, why am I so afraid of losing my job? Do you feel the same way too? Being a breadwinner, I cannot afford to go home with an empty pocket. I fear not for myself but for my family back home.

For all OFW'S like me, we all feel the same way. There are many times that we have to take even the most dangerous job all because of the high salary were getting out of it. I remember the story of Reynaldo Cortez, the Filipino who was executed in Saudi Arabia because of murder which he commit against a Pakistani driver who tried to raped him. I myself was a witness on that kind of crime in Middle East against Filipino OFW's.

It is embarassing, but I was almost a victim during the time when I was working in the Middle East. If not for my colleagues who rush to the site, I dont know what could have happened to me.

As I have said, many of us put ourselves into danger just because of our aim in giving our families a good life back home. Everything we do is sacrifice. For our families and for our country as well.

In anyway, I feel lucky for having a job here in Singapore. From my point of view, this is the safest country where I can work without having fear of being a victim of heinous crime. The only thing I was a victim of this country is in the hawker, where I bought a drink and comes back to my table all cleaned up. My food was gone hehehehe...I havent finished yet huhuhuhu.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

At the Top of the Star Apple(Kaimito) Tree

I was too amused to notice that this blog of mine have been receiving several comments from Pinoy bloggers in Singapore and even in US. I was just overwhelmed to know that there are people around the net who spend their time reading and relating to my unendless sentiments.
Yes...i am sentimental. But I believe that sentimental people needs to connect and relate himself with everything around to really understand what it means to be sentimental. You observe, you imagine and you put yourself on a virtual world to fully comprehend.
When I was 10 year old kid, I used to climb at the top of kaimito(star apple) tree whenever I feel lonely. I stay there the whole afternoon and wait for the sunset behind the mountain just kilometers away from our small home in our barangay. It was a sight for me...Everyone thinks..that I am kind of a homosexual, for doing that. "Bading" as the local word for gay or homo. But it was a different feeling for me. From that kaimito(star apple) tree, I build my dreams of finishing college, having a degree, work abroad and earn for my family. And after all the sufferings I have experienced throughout my college days, I still remember the same promise I have made to myself at the top of that kaimito tree.
As I have said..being sentimental is not weakness, it is one way of having connection to ones feelings and surrounding. It is an inner contemplation that allows you to express yourself even if youre alone.
People who knows me personally may wonder, how come I sounded like this in my blog. I am jolly person outside and a smile is my trademark at work, at home, at play or even at sleep (crazy hehehe).
Anyway, thanks to everyone who keeps on reading my blog. Its been long that I have not updated this one, but I was so happy to learn that so many have offered their reactions even personally to me. Keep reading!!!