Monday, March 26, 2007

Loneliness ( a poem inspired by a sad look)

by kristian

As the loneliness creeps my sanity

The pain that lingers in time

Held my breathe with strength

Gasping for air, I look on thee

Such a wide space...endless

Infinite and yet so empty

Heavy as a rock

but hollow as a dead oak tree

What is happiness?....

Is it the cool wind that rushes to thy face?

Is it the sweet song of a bird?

Is it the slow gush of water in a tiny creek?

Is it the noise of the green leaves of a palm tree?

Joy oh my ecstacy...

why such thy warmth so elusive from thee?

why such comfort far away from me?

why such radiance so difficult to see?

Answers that thy heart seeks

Is it in somewhere in the midst

Or is it just within me...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sleeping in Lakeside

It was such a very tiring Saturday, Badminton and biking at the same time. 10:30am in the morning and I pick up my bike and proceed to Bukit Gombak for a badminton. Played from 11am to 1 pm and 4pm to 5pm. I was so tired that I decided to go to Lakeside and sat down there for awhile, enjoying the breeze and the horizon in the lake. Hmmm after all..with all this activity, i still feel that in solitude there is comfort..

Just looking at the trees above me, and long before I knew I was already asleep. If not for the single leaf that fell down in my face, I would definitely spent my whole night there without even bothering that I was in a public park. Well this was my first time to feel asleep in a park, so i have to take a picture, although I am awake when it was taken hehehe.

It was 7pm when I woke up, so I hurriedly pick up my bike and proceed to go home. Such a tiring day, but still I dont understand why I feel so empty..hmm to much thinking.

Well, Lakeside has become my favorite place lately...just biking around and just sit down there in a bench..thinking.....about life what has brought me....