Thursday, February 23, 2006

Proxim 5054R Wireless Router Final Test

Just wrap up the final test procedure i have with Proxim 5054R Subscriber Unit and its Base Station Unit. I was concentrating on the QoS feature which was added recently as a new feature in their new firmware. Tried to hook up two VoIP gateways on SU and BSU and observe voice quality while calling the other number. Fortunately, my colleague "mole" have prepared already the connection to the softswitch, so i just change the IP address of SU and BSU to be able to register and pick up a dial tone. Proxim has too much to offer in this new firmware. You can configure 64 logical channels to carry specific traffic and identify each prioritization by using service flows and packet identification rules. Well, it is definetely cool to see those bandwidth management-like feature in a wireless radio. Considering, that nowadays, traffic does not concern only on data, but voice and video as well. Tried to add 2 new PIR(packet identification rules) for upstream and downstream traffic, specifically for g729 codec voice traffic. Also tried to set ToS marking 7 as high priority to allow Real Time Traffic be first in the queue whenever it is detected. Then i also make sure that on the PIR the destination IP and Source IP is defined to make sure that the vocie traffic from both gateways will be detected as high priority.

Then, with dial tone coming on both phones, i dial the other access number and make a voice call. While the voice traffic is streaming, I observe the actual bandwidth allocated for Best Effort traffic. I notice that when I speak loudly, bytes per second for BE traffic goes down to 0. Ahhh...QoS is really working, BE is allocated with 128 kbps and VoIP is also allocated with 128kbps CIR/MIR. Since, VoIP has the higher priority, so all the available bandwidth is used by VoIP leaving BE traffic with nothing. Ahaa!! i guess my friends in Dataworld would be glad to know that their QoS works after all on their beloved Proxim....Hmmm what the use of my being Proxim Certified Broadband Specialist if i cannot make it work hahahahaha too much wind gushing here...well thanks for reading to those who are hardware techie out there....

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