Monday, March 26, 2007

Loneliness ( a poem inspired by a sad look)

by kristian

As the loneliness creeps my sanity

The pain that lingers in time

Held my breathe with strength

Gasping for air, I look on thee

Such a wide space...endless

Infinite and yet so empty

Heavy as a rock

but hollow as a dead oak tree

What is happiness?....

Is it the cool wind that rushes to thy face?

Is it the sweet song of a bird?

Is it the slow gush of water in a tiny creek?

Is it the noise of the green leaves of a palm tree?

Joy oh my ecstacy...

why such thy warmth so elusive from thee?

why such comfort far away from me?

why such radiance so difficult to see?

Answers that thy heart seeks

Is it in somewhere in the midst

Or is it just within me...


Maria Marien said...

Touching poem... But, you don't have to seek for happiness because happiness can never be found. You have to create it, yourself. Think happy! Feel happy! Be happy! Life is a celebration.

sirena said...

hoping to work abroad after my graduation. m also an engineer, chemical nga lang. kung may bakante sa opisina niyo ah!

Anonymous said...

oh God! cant help but fall for u each day, reading your're so sweet!

such a brilliant mind with a soft and loving heart...

u'r gem is so hard to find these days...wish we could talk one day and see each other, im also here in SG...hmmm......