Tuesday, May 15, 2007

pounded with fire

Just transferred to a new company recently last 2 weeks. This is now my third week and my second time to do a night shift. I was only a week old in the company when my manager decided to put me on a night shift because the other engineer was on leave.

I was nervous because I have to answer calls from Europe and US on that shift since it is morning there on that time. I am armed with enough information on radio and networking information but with our radio, I still have much to learn. Well, anyway, I survived the 1 week night shift and was able to answer some calls, usually with a farewell quote " please email us so we can provide clear answers to you, sorry i am just new here" hehehe. See how profound, how smart are my answers.

Well, this is the loneliest night shift I have. I was the only person on the entire building gosh!, however guarded with surveillance cameras on every corner of the floor. Hah, well got to read and read....

However, I like this job more, I get to experiment and explore more on the technical side. I can research and learn from problems that we encounter everyday. Anyhow, I feel more engineer on this office than my previous job which makes me feel like a sales guy instead of a technical engineer.

Last Sunday, I was able to join a group of Filipino in their picnic in East Coast. It was a nice place, not really a breath taking view but what makes the place interesting was the number of people who are there for a picnic.

Biking and roller skates were the popular sports here. So if your a stunt kind of guy, this is the place definitely for exhibition. The group was full of fun, playing word games and eating at the same time. Topics were all about family, work, boredom and jokes.

It was a nice experience....with all the hustle and bustle on this metropolis mixed with homesickness, it is better that you share it with others who are feeling the same way. It makes your head refresh and relax.

Well, even after 1 year of work here, any time of the day even at 1 am, I still wake up homesick and lonely. But as they said, that is what makes you more stronger and wiser. Steel is pounded with fire before it forms to a perfect sculpture. We are steel and we are pounded with fire....if we resist, we can break into fragments, thats why we treat every pounding with softness and adjust on whatever direction fire wants it to be.....in that way we shaped our destiny on something unique, something magnificent...

such a sentimental of me.....hmmm....


newcomer said...

I just arrived in Singapore last
May 17 and after reading your blogs
tonight, gusto na ko mouli.

Maayo na lang mga bisaya sad ni ako
roomates maong naibanan sad ang kamingaw.

Ikaw relax lang. Daghan na ta bisdak sa Singapore. Bacin magkita ta sa Lucky Plaza hehehe.

Maria M. said...

Congrats with your new job!