Tuesday, September 04, 2007

At the Top of the Star Apple(Kaimito) Tree

I was too amused to notice that this blog of mine have been receiving several comments from Pinoy bloggers in Singapore and even in US. I was just overwhelmed to know that there are people around the net who spend their time reading and relating to my unendless sentiments.
Yes...i am sentimental. But I believe that sentimental people needs to connect and relate himself with everything around to really understand what it means to be sentimental. You observe, you imagine and you put yourself on a virtual world to fully comprehend.
When I was 10 year old kid, I used to climb at the top of kaimito(star apple) tree whenever I feel lonely. I stay there the whole afternoon and wait for the sunset behind the mountain just kilometers away from our small home in our barangay. It was a sight for me...Everyone thinks..that I am kind of a homosexual, for doing that. "Bading" as the local word for gay or homo. But it was a different feeling for me. From that kaimito(star apple) tree, I build my dreams of finishing college, having a degree, work abroad and earn for my family. And after all the sufferings I have experienced throughout my college days, I still remember the same promise I have made to myself at the top of that kaimito tree.
As I have said..being sentimental is not weakness, it is one way of having connection to ones feelings and surrounding. It is an inner contemplation that allows you to express yourself even if youre alone.
People who knows me personally may wonder, how come I sounded like this in my blog. I am jolly person outside and a smile is my trademark at work, at home, at play or even at sleep (crazy hehehe).
Anyway, thanks to everyone who keeps on reading my blog. Its been long that I have not updated this one, but I was so happy to learn that so many have offered their reactions even personally to me. Keep reading!!!


Lanie said...

gotcha!! i really can't pull away myself from your blog because its like i am reading my own thoughts. I am trying to keep a different blog now, hopefully more upbeat (read: non-sentimental than my previous blogs)...but i just felt so good knowing..hindi nga ako nagiisa..marami palang katulad ko sa Singapore.

Find another tree in Singapore and keep on dreaming.
I have been living and working here for 7 years, most of the friends I have made here do not have the same situation as I do (breadwinner in the family), so they could not relate. I have made a few mistakes to fight off the loneliness, the frustrations and the angst. But being my old strong willed self, I refused to be beaten by mistakes, and started to rebuild by life step-by-step. there are times when I have to take a few centimeters back in order to move a another centimeter forward...its slow and gruelling but am getting there.

One year ka pa lang sa Singapore, i just hope you keep on the right track. Have you joined a church group yet?

Lanie said...

oh by the way, from your posts it really seems that you are a jolly fellow, have you watched the movie The Pursuit of Happiness?

Thomas Jefferson says we all have a right to hope and to the pursuit of happiness..

sabi ni Will Smith sa movie..he wondered why...merong pursuit before the happiness..is happiness something unattainable and we all just have to pursue it but we can never attain it..he answered his question at the end of the movie

'this little part here is called happiness' -- well that means it is still attainable..

on another note, Happines makes us sweeter, but trials make us stronger..

I always pray to God, that he gives me a good balance of both..so when the time comes I am ready to face Him and to fight for Him.

Jio said...

I am sentimental too. Yeah, some of your thoughts here do reflect my own thinking too - deep thinking while alone (say in a park or standing in front of an office window). I have dreams too - dreams of making my family happy and content, dreams of happiness for myself, dreams of contributing something helpful back to our country.

Being sentimental brings the most interesting aspect of one's personality. It brings out the empathy and caring side of a person. In today's tough, crazy, and cynical world, everybody needs someone who empathizes with them and cares about their thoughts and feelings (like someone caring to listen to their thoughts, dreams, and aspirations).

Hey Speed, wouldn't you mind if I link to your site? I'm also in SG, and looking for other SG Pinoy bloggers like me in the blogosphere.

Speed said...

thanks everyone for the comments. Jio, yes you can link me anytime. It is my pleasure to be connected with fellow pinoy bloggers in singapore.

Anonymous said...

Hi speed. . .

I happen to read your blog but was just wondering when did kaimito became starfruit. . . For all i know, kaimito is star apple and starfuit is balimbing. . . TAMA ba ako. . . No offense meant. . .

Hope you don't mind. . but you made me confused. . .

Speed said...

Hey anonymous, whoever you are, thank you for the correction. It never cross my mind that I did put the wrong word for kaimito tree.


Anonymous said...

as i was reading this, i was also asking myself a question. but the question is different from yours. right now, im with my family here already. i fear that my family cannot adapt to this new environment. im just hoping the situation will become better as days go by..


chie said...

You know what when i was young I done that too . we have to twin kaimitos or starapple ( yun ang tawag sa amin) beside our house . Whenever I want to think about anything I will climb out and spend time there . :)