Sunday, September 18, 2005

Badminton Match at the Sports Zone

This my new blog site. Just played badminton with my batchmates yesterday September 17,2005 at Sports Zone in Tomas Saco, Macasandig. Together with Anton of NMC-Philcom we battled against the unorthodox style of Alex of MPSC and Sanchez of HarvestSeo. Teresa of NMC-Philcom serves as our referee. After a gruelling swish and swak, we lost by 4 points on the third round. It was a good match i think, even if i have difficulty in walking afterwards because of a sore feet due to my cheap shoes and socks. We paid 300 pesos afterwards, since we consume 2 hours in the court. I liked the ambiance of the place, its peaceful, clean and arranged. I also noticed a boxing gym in the corner filled with equipments for jabbing and punching. There are 4 badminton courts available in the area, 2 has a wooden floor while the other has rubber on it. Wooden courts are priced 120 per hour while the rubber courts cost 150 per hour. One thing i like about the place is that its safe outside and there are tables and chairs, where you can sit and drink for awhile. My body is aching but i enjoy a lot. There is no refreshing experience more than enjoying and exercising your body in a badminton match. It is an ultimate unwind experience, instead of staying at those dark and noisy bars.

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nanakit gud akong tiil.