Saturday, October 01, 2005

Why Cagayan de Oro is the Best?

I was going to my work when i boarded a Patag liner in the corner of City Hall just near the Lourdes College. I was looking and enjoying the beauty of the two floating restaurants in the Carmen River, as the jeep was crossing the bridge. Then i realized that the beauty and grandeur of a city will really depends upon the people that lives in it. Cagayan de Oro is known as the City of Golden Friendship, and we have proven and affirmed it to all visitors that came to the city. I worked for 2 years in Davao City and i can really see the difference of the people there from ours. Dabawenyo in majority were more of a socialite and arrogant. Although i do have down to earth and kind friends in Davao. You've got to be "in" to be acknowledged. In fact, if you want to be respected in a mall or any office, you have to speak Tagalog, even if it sounds so Bisaya. Have been in Cebu City for 8 months for my board exam review once. In Cebu, you beware of sweet smile and good intentions shown to you by strangers. It may be a snatcher, modus operandi or a rapist waiting to capture you. Never wear a jewelry when youre in the city nor display your new cellphone, i tell you that is dangerous in a city like Cebu. Im not really biased, since i have been to several provinces and cities in my previous work, but there is no City as warmth and friendly as Cagayan de Oro. You might ask why? I can give you a few reasons:
1. In Cagayan, we do not imitate other Cities and pretend to be high class by speaking languages which is not ours. We speak Bisaya at our own unique intonation and speak tagalog only to those people who do not understand our Bisaya.
2. In Cagayan, people smile a lot because were happy and beautiful (applause cagayan!)
3. In Cagayan, streets were safe even in the wee hours of the evening because we have huge post lamps that illuminates every street in the city. And we have police who are vigilant and a mayor who cares about us (is it election already?hehe)
4. In Cagayan, we have large and shiny with all the lights accessories JEEPNEYS! (try to check Cebu and Davao)
5. In Cagayan, TAXI are Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, Vios, etc. Complete with aircon and stereo sounds. (check Davao dude!)
6. In Cagayan, we have Night Cafe, where people whether rich or poor, socialite or not meet, drink and dine every Friday and Saturday of the week. People in CDO are one, we dont biased people based on their status or language.
7. In Cagayan, people loves to sing and are good singers. We have Mark Bautista and Aegis to prove that. We have videokes everywhere.
8. In Cagayan, we have the cleanest and beautiful markets. Check our Carmen and Cogon Market and you will probably say, "hey thats not a market, its a superstore!"
9. In Cagayan, we are the city with the most number of Telcos. We have Philcom,Sotelco, Cruztelco,Italtel, Misortel, Bayantel and Globe. See how high tech we are? but Philcom is the most popular of them all here (Go Philcom!)
10. And most of all, ONLY IN CAGAYAN you will find the best tourist spots. So biyahe na! WOW CAGAYAN TA BAI!

There so many things to say about Cagayan but i think one good reason why i love this City is because i was born here and i live here. There is no place like home i guess.


Anonymous said...

As one who used to live there in Cagayan and misses it so much, I agree. My second home. Life there is one constant party, from the time you wake up in the morning listening to the radio of the family next door, to coming home from school at night on the Disneyland with the music cranked up. People are not snobs, they are just normal and friendly. Every church has an adoration chapel and at any time people are inside praying. Miss your city so much.
- foreign friend

kristian said...

whoever you are foreign friend, its good to know that a kagay-anon is out there to remember how great our city is. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

i agree with statement above, cagayan was only telling the truth and nothing else apart from is lie, if your'e in doubt with what we told the net. try to visit us and you will know cagayan is the best...