Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I am so tired today.....blah blah

It was already 12 midnight when i arrived at home. I was working at Meter King office on their semi structured cabling for their Local Area Network. I was having a hard time placing the surface box since there are cubicles already installed. It was my 2nd day there, the first day was spent on laying all the UTP cables in the ceiling and putting the plastic moulding on every corner. Last night, was putting the surface box and information outlet. Too good the AMP brand surface box needs only to be clipped instead of punching it down. It makes the termination much easier compared to punching it down. I was so tired then, because i was in the morning shift which means i come in at 6 am. I have to wake up 5 am and have to work until 2 pm, then straight to Meter King until 12 midnight and have to wake up again 5 am this morning. Aaaah, no wonder I am always thin.....Sometimes, i used to smile and laugh whenever people will tell me how thin i am, how rugged i look that day but deeply inside, i am ashame also. I am always thinking of things, it seems my mind is always full of problems, worries, plans, lessons to learned, people i love etc....i think too much and it drains my energy all the time. I am always restless on everything....on everything i do, i always want more for it, to make the people around me happy. Yeahhh too much thinking.....and feelings.. thats what makes me thin perhaps.

Well, today i have to finish my assigned task. I am late again bacause i was too tired to get up. I have to finish the Alvarion wireless test and the DSL Configuration guide for field engineers. One thing, i always wanted to do now is to study and practice this Linux stuff inside in one of my PC here. I dont seem have enough time...too many things to test first. Yeah i remember, one of my ex colleagues in Dataworld will be celebrating her birthday this January 15. Ms Emelyn , a good friend and a efficient co worker during my technical seminar stints and presentations last year. I was their Netwoking Specialist then. I am not hearing invitations yet....perhaps a free meal.Birthdays are good , it is one way of reminding us how short time is every year for us. So celebrate, in any way......shout, eat, smile, sing, dance.


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