Friday, August 11, 2006

alone at Micasa Hotel

Until now I still can't believe myself that here I am staying in a 5 star all suite a well furnished room complete with a big bathtub, TV, refrigerator , kitchen, small sala, and a soft white bed. Hehehe so much for being ignorant. But this is my first time to have stayed on this kind of a hotel. I will be spending my days and nights here alone for 3 weeks, until the wireless hotspot project is finished. The question is how did I manage to stay in this expensive room, with my company not complaining about the expense?Well, it is because this is free..hehehehe for the whole duration of the project.

As of now i have just finished the first phase of the wireless hotspot project. Together with my Malaysian cabling contractors, I was able to pressure them, to finish the whole building. Hmmm, I still remember on my first job, where I used to follow orders from a Malaysian supervisor...and now here I am giving orders to a number of Malaysian technicians. However, this people were really good in their field, to be honest compared with our cabling guys there in CDO. The UTP and power cables were placed and installed neatly in the ceiling. But what is interesting here is that, during my work with Dataworld, I was the one who climbs and crawl in the ceiling..but now I just stand and give orders for them to crawl in the ceiling. Hehehehehe, do you feel the wind now?.....sorry i am just very enthusiastic on this things, simply that i did not expect to have this kind of job here. But, honestly..with this kind of responsibility, i am also quite nervous of the outcome of this project. Once, this one fails, then goodbye to me.....Hopefully not.

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