Sunday, October 08, 2006

Back to the Fountain

It was weeks ago that I decided to visit again the place where I spent my time alone, on the first month that I arrived in Singapore. Our office before is located in Suntec City where in front is the Fountain of Wealth, the largest fountain in the world.

Being a freak I was, I find the moments emotional since I remember, this was the same place where I used to sit down, in front of the fountain until my eyes got so tired. It was the loneliest moment then as far as I can remember. For 30 days, I have no one to talk to in the office. I spend my whole week after office hours, sitting in these chairs.

Our office is now in Jurong East and this place is quite far. I was alone and trying to reminisce the nights where I just sat down here and listened to the music being played by the DJ, while watching the Lights Show display.

It was Friday evening.....and there were quite many spectators roaming around the fountain. I have written about this Fountain in my previous blogs, but I just want to post this again for sentimental reasons.Hmmmmm.....freakin emotional of me...i should have been a drama movie director instead.

As of this time, although I am still alone, I am having my MP3 player filled with alternative music to rock my ears. In this way, it will keep me smiling and rockin....


Maria Marien said...

Yeah... There is so much drama going on in the world.

Tara said...