Tuesday, February 09, 2010


in the darkness...we waited.
your hand were soft as I held it deep into my arms.

amidst the blackness, your smile illuminates...
Your beauty emanates the joy, the laughter, the ecstasy and the passion into me.
Your just amazing my love....thy visage always puts my heart into fire.

As a sliver of sun's ray slowly emerge beneath the vast dark horizon into the orange hazy clouds.

You held my hand tighter..as you anticipate to see the amber light beyond that lilac sky.

Like a child in awe, you smiled and tearfully whispered " Thank you for being with me, I love you so much.."

I reached out to you and held you close. "Be still my love..the sun has rise. I will be here until the sun sets and rise again. I will be here always...and forever.


Dutchie said...

Welcome back ! It's been a long time since ur last post. I thought u hv left my precious little island !

Speed said...

hello dutchie, nice to know youre still reading my blog. I will be trying to write again soon