Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Life Stories : Backsink in Macdonalds

I had my first job as a CLOSER in McDonalds when I was 16 years old. I am about to finish my high school when I applied for the job, after my mother has told me that I wont be going to College because they cannot afford it. I was devastated, cause I have a complete belief in myself that finishing college was the only way I could have a good job. Months before I received my diploma, I was working already from night until early morning at McDonalds. As a closer, I am assigned on different areas during operation time and has to follow proper procedures in cleaning it up once we closed the store. Luckily, the store was just infront of our school. You can see it in the photo pasted on this blog. The store is located at Lim Ket Kai Mall, in Cagayan de Oro City. I still remember how our managers would drive us away in front of the store, because we are waiting for our friends to come out.

It was a tough job for a skinny 16 year old boy like me. However, even how tiring it was, I don't have any choice that time but to work, hoping that I can saved money just enough to enroll in college. During my high school graduation, I was damned proud because I was the one who paid the 5 burgers we ordered from Mcdonalds for my family. Yeah 5 burgers only, no drinks :-). I still can remember that the most difficult station is the backsink. It where you washed all the equipments during closing time, and prepare the stocks from the freezer. It was a health risk area, considering that you are sweating hard and have to come in and out of the negative temperature big room freezer. It was like going from Phillipines to North Pole every minute.

Luckily, even with my meager income I was able to sustain my 5 year college at the same time working as a Crew Chief in Mcdonalds. I did well in my job, I suppose. I work during 6pm night until 2am and went to school in the 8am in the morning until 5pm. After being recognized as Crew of The Month twice, Best in Grill, Best in Production Calling, etc etc etc. I was offered the managerial position.

After a sleepless nights, I have decided to turn it down and proceed in taking the Engineering Licensure Examination. For 5 years working there, I just cannot forget the time when my mother visited me during my first year as a Crew. She came on a bad timing, because I was assigned in the BACKSINK. She was surprised to see me dragging two sacks of rice from our warehouse across the road.

A skinny and skeletally thin 16 year old boy, sweating hard, dragging two sacks of rice was indeed a perfect scene for a telenovela in MMK. My mother just stood transfixed in her position and holding back her tears. I just smiled at her when I saw her.

And its just funny, because I just realized that during that time everyone in the crew called me Babes, because I was the youngest closer crew in the store. And after being recognized as the fastest in grill area, they called me Speedy Babe. It is a coincidence as everyone called me Speed now though I don't really know on which area I am fast here.

It was one difficult 5 years of my life, but I was still so grateful that it happened. It was one lesson that I have told every student I know. If you're just studying and only thinking of how to pass the exams, you are very lucky. You don't know how difficult it is to work and study at the same time.

To my readers: You might be surprised to see me again. I will be posting life stories this time since I am still trying to awaken my writing skills and passion. There might be grammatical errors that you may find but I will do my best to share my stories as clear as possible for you to understand.


minjining said...

i can't help but admire you. you had a tough life but you persisted and lived through it with a brave heart. your stories touched me. you can inspire a lot of kids going through the same situation, sana mabasa rin nila ito.

gkellz said...


i have something to talk to you about one of your posts here.. kindly email me at or if you can find a way to send me your email address, id be the one to contact you.

it is really important, but nothing negative on your part. its just an incriminating and false comment someone made and i am requesting you delete it.

please get it touch with me ASAP.

Speed said...

gkellz, i think I have found what your are referring to. I deleted the whole blog, to avoid future problems. I 've Not been checking the comments lately.

Rosalie said...

in fairness, naaliw ako sau! :-) God bless! God is Good!

Angelica said...


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Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Hi Speedy,

It was a very inspiring story. I worked with Jollibee for a year as their Senior Cashier and my mind was a tired as the production crews bodies were. I had to work and study at the same time too so I could really feel for you when you said those students who don't have to worry about working, just passing their exams, were lucky. Way luckier than we were, I must say. But hey, we were more prepared and well trained, I dare say. I hope you continue chronicling or telling us your stories!

Helen Mary Labao said...

Hi Speed! How awesome! I was just randomly browsing through blogs when I saw your page. It is so inspiring to find hardworking people like you. I hope you get to talk to more young people. Laziness is so common these days. And you were right about the privilege of just studying; i was a working student too and had to focus only on surviving. I managed to quit my work for the board exam review period only.

I will surely be visiting again for more encouraging posts from you! =)

Speed said...

thank you everyone for those inspiring comments. Life can be so tough sometimes, but as they have said, life is a gift, no matter how hard it is. I hope my short story would inspire others that not all are as lucky as they are. :-)

Anonymous said...

so inspiring story..... mabuhay ka!