Friday, June 29, 2012

Filipino Shuttlers rises to the Challenge during the 5th PinoySG Badminton Open 2012

The most prestigious, anticipated and awaited all Filipino annual badminton open ended with a big bang last June 9 to 10, 2012 at Jurong West Sports and Recreation Center. The crowd roared and cheered their respective teams amidst the sweltering heat inside the huge sports hall.

There were 12 different badminton groups who came to compete for the events in Singles, Mens Doubles, Womens Doubles and Mixed Doubles category. The players were divided into 3 different levels of skills, in which Level A as the highest and followed by Level B and Level C.

Almost 300+ players came to represent their respective teams, bringing their own banner and wearing their uniforms. The 12 badminton groups were led by the host PinoySG Badminton Club, followed by Pinoy Shuttlers, Tropang Smashers, Team Hotshots, Team Laklakers, UPAAS-Pinoy Shuttlecockers, Team SBL, Samahang Pinoy na Racqueteers, United Pinoy Badminton, Team WinWest, Team BisdakSG, and Team Kigwa.

The two day event ended with Pinoy Shuttlers winning the Challenge Cup. The challenge cup was awarded to the team who garnered the highest points for the overall player performance, attendance, discipline and sportsmanship. PinoySG Badminton Club captured the coveted Best Support Group, as the team with the most number of cheerers and supporters. 

Trophies and cash prizes were given to the winner on the last day of the event. The championship singles event was played by both veteran players, Jeremy Maniago and David Batalla. The game ended with Jeremy taking the last match point, successfully defending his Singles title last year. Level B Singles Finals saw Mark Canillo conquering Joshua Batula in the 3rd set.

Mens Doubles Level A Finals was heart stopping duel between Jeremy Maniago/Sherwin Suratos of Tropang Smashers/Kigwa tandem against Luis Gomez/Frederick Pabustan of Pinoy Shuttlers. The final match point in the 3rd set ended with TS/Kigwa tandem wins by their non stop onslaught of offensive tactics.

The last game for Mixed Doubles Level A Finals was another high intensity match in which Jeremy Maniago with new partner Andrea Tongco against the PSG Open 2011 defending mixed doubles champion last year, Roland Amores and Armhi Sumalinog. Nino chose to change his usual aggressive attacking strategy by adopting a very slow pace game, opting for more pushes and drops shots at the midcourt. The game ended after 2 sets with Roland Amores and Armhi Sumalinog still undefeated at Mixed Doubles.

Other game results:

Mens B : Johnwin Custodio / Joshua Batula
Mens C: Larry Demelites/ Jhayr Rodriquez
Womens A: Barbara Macaraig/Michelle Cadiz
Womens B: Czarina Jimenes/ Mary Grace Andres
Womens C: Arlyn Cirujales/Dio Ann Pena
Mixed B: Mark Canillo/Ady Doctolero
Mixed C: Jhayr Rodriguez/ Karen Dogilio

PinoySG Badminton Open started last 2007 and initially started with few competitors from the Filipino badminton community. After a year, the competitors dramatically increased after private companies started supporting the event and the organizer, PinoySG Badminton Club.

PinoySG Badminton Club is the first Filipino badminton club in Singapore which was registered with Registry of Society of Singapore last 2008. For 5 years, the group has initiated several badminton friendly games among the Filipino community and as well with other local Singaporean badminton groups. The group is currently under the leadership of club’s co-founder and current President Kristian A. Anquillano with his top officers, Roland Amores as Vice President, Victoria Jane Parot as the secretary and Dr. Lira Dumaguing as the treasurer. As a registered society, PinoySG Badminton Club is governed by their By Laws and Constitution and has to submit an Annual Returns to the Registry of Society of Singapore.

PinoySG Badminton Club would like to thank the whole Filipino badminton community of Singapore for their participation, BAGONG BAYANI (Modern Day Hero) magazine as our official media partner and Singapore Badminton Association umpires.

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