Friday, June 29, 2012

Promoting Racial Harmony through Badminton

Last September 3, 2011 at Clementi Sports Hall, PinoySG badminton Club met with the popular and very strong local Singaporean team of Twister Badminton Club. The “Twisters” is a local group who were widely known for their skills in badminton community. They were usually seen in Jurong East Sports and Recreation Center every Tuesday and Friday evening.  Their members are multi racial, who are mostly from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, etc.
Twister Badminton Club is under the leadership of Lydia Tan and Boon Ng Oon. They have a thread in Badminton Central forum where you could invite them for fun matches. They are bunch of smiling "twisters" whose speed in court corresponds with their hospitality in their home court.

The game started at 6:15pm, with PSGBC Tourney head Brenda Vistan and Vice President Nino Amores preparing the game and lineup for both groups. All players were in a very warm disposition as both leaders from PSGBC and Twisters welcomed the players.  First game was started and the Twister did not fail our expectations as their players were quite strong and very fast. Intense smashes and sharp drop shots were exchange but the Twisters were dominant in most of the games.

This game as initiated by PinoySG Badminton Club is aim to develop friendship and harmony with different races in Singapore through Badminton. This program was started last 2009 with the club playing against Badminton Mates and Lion Badminton Group(Clementi).

With a lot of Filipinos playing badminton sport nowadays, it is the objective of the leaders to use this sport as a medium for harmony with different races here in Singapore.

Last May 2012,  PSGBC Badmintoneros, arranged another 2 legs of friendly game with Chua Chu Kang Group lead by Clifford, which is composed of recreational players from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. Game 1 was played at Chua Chu Kang Sports Hall, the home court of the CCK players. It was a tough game and CCK was able to win most of the games. Game 2 was then played at Endeavour Primary School, home court of PSGBC. This time we have some guest players from other Filipino badminton groups. We were able to secure enough wins but by the end of the day, CCK team still has the highest number of wins.

Another fun and fulfilling experience, as we made new friends with other nationalities through badminton sport. This is a very nice way of initiating friendship and camaraderie among local and foreigners here in Singapore.

One very nice lesson learned indeed is that we were ONE in having fun. When the shuttlecock is on play,  each one of us is bound by similar excitement and passion.

We were badminton shuttlers and we speak ONE language at court…BADMINTON. Long live the sport and the players.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Pinoys for the initiative. Truly you all very friendly lah.