Monday, July 02, 2012

Shooting PAIN and PAINTBALLS with PSG Warfreakz in Singapore

Operation Velocity Wipeout 2012
Last June 24, my former team mates from the all Filipino paintball team PSG Warfreakz, decided to compete in Operation Velocity Wipeout at Novena Sports mall. We have put up two teams to play against other local paintball teams. Though most of us have not played since 2010, it was still a good game as we were able to capture the 4th and 5th place. Team Alpha as the top 4 proceed to compete in the Grand Finals where they captured the 1st runner up after battling with 16 local teams.

Singapore Paintball Novice Series 2008
PSG Warfreakz has been quite popular already in the paintball community of Singapore. We were one of the pioneers of paintball here when Paintball Association of Singapore in cooperation with Red Dynasty Part organized the first ever Singapore Paintball Series last 2008. There were a few players that time and most of us were just relatively beginners of the game. PSG Warfreakz was composed of 40+ Filipino paintball enthusiasts that time. We had organized several speedball and jungle games in Johor Bahru for all the members. Our group was then represented by a team in several paintball tournaments.

Red Seven ( was the first local paintball team of Singapore who have represented the country on all of the international paintball events around the region. They were the first local Singaporean team that inspired most of the home based teams to compete and train for paintball. Red Seven local paintball players were also instrumental in giving us the opportunity of competing as a Singapore based foreign team during the Singapore Paintball Series 2008.  Their initiatives in bringing all paintball players around Singapore had allowed the sport to flourish in spite of the limitations in the ownership of paintball markers here.

Singapore Paintball Series 2010
PSG Warfreakz was my team, when we did try our first ever paintball match last 2008. And yes, we were hooked on it, the first moment we ran and shoot around that inflatable bunkers. Adrenaline rush to the highest level, is what I could describe, the feeling when you’re playing the game. We were the first Series Champion after 3 legs of Singapore Paintball Series 2007. We did have some few-seconds-of- fame moments when we were mentioned in Strait Times sports news, seen in Channel News Asia evening news, and invited by UNTV cable for an interview. It was our golden year as we proceed to win championship and podium places in several tourneys in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. PSG Warfreakz then was well known for being the most aggressive attacker in the field and playful when not on field. We were also the first to put up an all women paintball team who also competed during the Singapore Paintball Series games and in Johor Painball leagues.

Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit 2008
Most of our tournament players before had stopped playing, but we reunite once a while for some minor tourneys in the country. Just like the recent Operation Velocity Wipeout organized by Red Dynasty and Novena Velocity Mall. It was a close quarter battle setup, where each player has to hide and shoot around room cubicles and obstacles. A car in the center field was an added visual challenge, as you will feel ,the reality of the battle as you climb and crawl around it, while engaging your opponents in a heated shootout. It was fun indeed, and I hope that the organizers will have that kind of tourney next year.

So how does it feel to play PAINTBALL? If you’re not fond of pain, then this sport is not for you. The hit is usually followed by swelling and sometimes blood if it is being shot in a close range. It is painful, but that's what make the sport very exciting. I’m sure; you will have the highest respect to those soldiers fighting in war once you experienced the game. It is very fast pace, action packed and the high adrenaline rush will test your speed, agility, focus and calmness during the battle. Please see this old video clip during the 2008 Leg 2 SPS Finals. This was our first tourney playing in a 3 on 3 battle. Old times...

I have been playing badminton for a long time already but nothing compares to the excitement I felt when I am out there shooting paintballs in the field. Team work is MUST in this game. This is where you learn to communicate, analyze and work as team under extreme pressure from the hail of paintballs flying around your head. And when you’re hit, damn sweet painful indeed. This is not for the weak and not for the poor (lol). Reason why I only played few times only. It is quite an expensive sport though.

So that’s it for now, in my resurrected blog, till we meet again my readers. Keep the flame burning.

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