Sunday, January 28, 2007

Biking around Lakeside Jurong

It seems that I just got hook on a new addiction recently. After badminton, now this addiction which seems to me, is very expensive and costly for me. Well, it started when a bike was sold to me for only 100SGD, since the user doesnt want to bring it to their new condo..or he just don't have really the interest in using it. Well, 100SGD is 3,000 pesos already. But, I was told that 1 set would definitely cost 400SGD to 500SGD for an ordinary bike. Wow! so in Philippines this would cost 15k to 20k already. Hmmm, well I will not be ashamed if this fact seems surprising for me, really! I grew up where 500 pesos amount would make me scratch my head. Cheap for me is 100 pesos below not 1000, so I hope you would understand my amazement.

Well so much for my kuripot (in english thrifty hehehe) attitude. Today, I just decided to bike around Lakeside. It is near Boon Lay so I thought, if it rains then I still have enough time to go back to Boon Lay without getting so wet.

Hmmm..the place is beautiful. The government here really done a good job in preserving those old trees around the lake. Amenities such as childrens playground, exercise area, chairs, bench, and even cottages were present. A typical place which I love to stay and relax. This is one nice place for reminiscing old memories and letting the cool air soothes your soul while the melodic rhytmns of your mp3 player provides the nostalgic feel. Get it?

I noticed also that there were several lovers also in the area, enjoying the romantic moment along with the birds that provides the music beneath the serenity of the place. much for passion and feelings.

By 6pm, I decided to go back to my home. What a day, although I was alone as usual but visiting these kind of places is enough to refresh and unwind myself in preparation for tomorrow's work.

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Jerome said...

pre, do you know some nice but cheap place to stay near east jurong since I'll be moving there for work (as mechl engr) this april 2007?
email me at jeromecastanedaATyahooDOTcom