Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shall we dance?...

I was alone in my home, well for information of everyone, i just moved from Bukit Batok Montrosa Condo to an HDB here in Boon Lay. The place was not really as good as before, but comfortable enough for me to live in. Well, I have spend my day in badminton court from 11am to 1 pm, then go home and by 5pm, I pick up my mountain bike and ride along the road going to Bukit Batok. I just cant remember the road going to the the place where I stayed before, I pass along the Jurong Canal, so I just ride there for a while and then proceed to Bukit Batok Road. Well, luckily I end up in Bukit Batok MRT but I have to go back since it was already 7pm in the evening. Hmmm, by evening I sat down on the sofa and play the Shall we dance DVD in the player. It was a nice and heartwarming movie. It was a story about a boring life of a lawyer, who have been searching for something to make himself happier. Hes not really desperate since he has his family and they were happy. I guess the right word is monotony, you know he has been doing the same thing for many years and he was looking for something to make his life much more interesting. And he found it in ballroom dancing, all because he was seeing this lady in a window of a dance school. That got his attention, so the story began.

Well, I come to my realization after watching the whole is more of a self esteem and pride. When you were young, have you ever had a dream of becoming someone? a rock star or a dancer?...Hmmm, I dream of becoming an engineer and I did become an engineer, but I have one wild dream hehehe. I want to be a singer, or maybe sing in a concert infront of the audience. Either solo or in a band, I love to perform honestly, are you shock?...hehehe that was my wild dream. I never had the opportunity of doing it during my college years, because life was so hard for me that time. Maybe if I had, I might end up singing in a band instead...I love singing actually but it is too late right?...well it was just a wild dream, I may love singing but Im not sure my voice would bring me good is not that good except of course for my mother and my aunt who have always said I have the best voice in the world.

Well to describe my wildest dream which I know would always be just a dream...i am in the stage, everyone was there, waiting for me to sing...and the audience roar, chanting my name. The band starts with a drum roll, and there was silence. And the the band play my first song..This is the moment. See, hehehe just like Star in A Million. Each one of us has our wildest dream, to be a someone else or to be in a moment where we felt pride and happiness. But wild dreams are just may or may not come true...
but perhaps I might try doing it, just to add some spice in my life..but where? hehehe better wake up now.

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