Monday, January 22, 2007

On bike around Singapore

Why extreme?....because I go biking straight for 2 days since last Saturday. What a weekend!. Last saturday, together with Alaba, my classmate during my college years decided to go biking from Boon Lay to Bukit Gombak. Actually, on that same day also, I have a scheduled badminton game in Bukit Gombak, so instead of taking the bus, we decided to go there on bike. With a map of Singapore at hand, we follow our way to Bukit Batok road, until we reach the MRT station. From there, we proceed to Bukit Gombak Sports Center to play badminton. After the game, we stop by Little Guillen, a man made lakeside park near Bukit Gombak MRT. Of course, with a borrowed Canon Ixus, we were able to take some pictures of ourselves. Then, we proceed to Hillview Avenue, the place where I used to live and back to Boon Lay during afternoon. A nice experience for my visitor lah!...

There were some nice view in the way, but my companion was too tired already, so we decided to go back home. Actually, I just started biking when I bought a mountain SRM bike from a my Indonesian housemate for SGD100 only. Hmmm..back home it would cost me maybe 10K plus for this kind of bike. It was a good bargain indeed.

I did visit some bike shops here to scout for some additional gears, hopefully to make me look more professional enough. And I was amazed and shocked at the same time on the prices of mountain bikes I have seen inside. Imagine, SGD5600 for the whole bike! It is almost 200K pesos already!. Back in Philippines, I can buy a car for that amount already.

I tried looking for some helmet around the diplay area, and you know how much it cost?...195SGD..What??? It is 6K pesos already for just one helmet! Arrgh, this sport is extremely expensive. I guess for now, I need to content myself with my existing gear.

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