Sunday, October 30, 2005

Love Story 1 : The Wood in the Island

It was a beautiful was blue, waves were catching up with one another, as if they are kids running around..innocently playing in the vast sea. It was 5 years ago where in the same sand i sitted, the same rock i held and the same beautiful day that i shared my most unforgettable moments with my bestfriend.....

I was lost and lonely. I cried for so many nights asking myself, why and how. The desperation and dismay i felt against the many things that has happened to me were choking me. Rex was again with his friends, Stella was asking for her school allowance and my parents were sick and i cant even afford to buy even a cheap vitamins for them. There were so many of them around me, but i felt i was so alone and isolated. Sometimes, i woke up in the middle of the night, crying without a reason. I cried for hours and silently screaming the pain i felt deep inside. I want to held my breath and drowned myself with my tears until such time i will feel no more pain and emptiness.

Then one time, I was asked by my boss to visit a certain island, to take pictures for our travel agency. The island was beautiful indeed. The scenery brought me inner comfort for brief moment that i was away from the city...away from my family and Rex. Then, for the silly of me, I thought of putting a wood beside me while I sat down in the sand. Then holding the wood, as if it was a human being, I make sure no one is looking and began to talk about my problems, my family and my dreams. I barely notice that a man was actually beside me, listening to my blabbering. To my surprised and embarassment, i quickly stood up and angrily ask him. "Who are you and why are you here?". Mam, actually i was here before you came. he smiled and pointed his finger to the tree beside me. " I was there up in the tree, i like to sit there and spend my time watching the horizon until it dawns.Do you like sunset mam?" "Amely is my name Mr...." Karry, im Karry. By the way Amely,can i ask you a question? I nodded. " Did the wood answered you back while your talking to him?" he smiled. I laughed hard, and for the first time i was laughing...we talked the whole afternoon until the sun sets and I have to go back to my hotel. He waved goodbye and said. " Amely, good night and see you tomorrow". I did my task, taking pictures in the morning and going back to that tree near the sea every afternoon spending my time talking and laughing with Karry.

And for the first time in my life, I felt i was not alone...that i have a bestfriend...when in fact we just meet few days ago. I felt so comfortable and at ease when im with him. He makes me laugh with all his corny jokes, and makes me smile with his slapsticks. One time, he stands up in front of me and sing his heart out to the tune of Love moves in Mysterious way. It was a high note song but he sang it well than a woman. It was my last night in the island. For the days i stayed in the island, i felt i have found a bestfriend that i have been looking all my life. Hey Amely, i have a gift for you and i will give it tomorrow. Keep it so youll be reminded of me always." as he giggled like a child. I smiled too, but i felt heavy as i looked at him." Well see each other again Karry, ill visit you again".

I was packing my things and i am ready to go. Then i thought of visiting my bestfriend again and perhaps ask him to come with me for a vacation. Then i can tour him to our City and we can talk longer. I can ask Ray to accomodate him temporarily in his boarding house. I was excited to the mere thought of it.. i was running to the tree and calling him..Karry! where are you?. No one anwered instead a little girl was sitting there and crying. I asked here. "Hello, why are you crying?" The girl looked at me and said. " Your Amely, are you? my brother talks about you always at home. I held her. " Your Karry's sister, how are you? where is he?. She looked at me again and cried." He just died last night of heart attack". I cant move. " Your kidding right?. My brother has a rheumatic heart, he takes a rest during the day climbing up that tree and watching the horizon until sunsets. I was speechless, as all the tears came flowing from my eyes. I have found a bestfriend...and i lost him. Then the girl held me and said. " by the way, before he died he gave this to me. It has a name engrave on it". It was a small wooden bust of a man with an engraved letters " to my bestfriend". A small note was attached to it. And it reads "this is made from the wood you have talked to for hours, i will miss you".

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