Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What makes Linux so popular among IT geeks?

With the recent operation crackdown on pirated copies of Microsoft, several establishments have opted to use Linux based operating systems. Of course, there were so many complaints from users, especially those who were more familiar with windows. I came to visit a popular Linux group forum, KLUG and i noticed that some of its users really hates windows OS or sounds like they hate it..or im not sure if its just a show off. Now the question, why is it that if we talk about linux, we associate it with IT experts, geeks, hackers and computer whiz people. Sometimes, the qoute "I know Linux" is another term for "I am an IT expert". Well, each operating system has its own features and vulnerabilities. Some may choose one from another, it really depends upon ones expertise and strategy in managing its own network. Some may prefer Windows because its friendly, easy and has a strong tech support. Or others may prefer Linux, because it is open source, free, reliable and has less vulnerabilities. But in my opinion, there are reasons why IT geeks prefer to show to all thay they prefer Linux.
Aside from its technical features, psychologically these are also be partly their reasons.
1. Linux is unfriendly to a user who has limited IT knowledge. Which means that MAJORITY of us doesnt understand it. So if you understand it, and knows how to use it, then you can be consider as the FEW WHIZ out there. Sometimes beng with the few, is what makes us feel special and extraordinary.
2. Linux is more of a CLI instead of GUI, which makes it unpopular to ordinary users.
3. Linux is open source, which makes it basically free to download and to use. So if you are a linux expert, then "free from licensing" is your war banner to all companies out there.

Others may argue that Linux is better, or Windows is still the best, i think its just the same. Those software were developed to make our work much easier, effecient and productive. Expertise depends upon the features you need to squeeze out from an OS. All i can say, why windows is much popular, it is because they have the most brilliant minds in marketing. They can mask and hide the vulnerabilities of their product through features available. But in fairness. Windows has some features in which are really good and easy to manage.

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Anonymous said...

There's a simple reason why Linux is a more popular choice for IT people. It's coz it's easier to secure in terms of hacking. However, Windows is more popular for the masses because of its GUI and overall user-friendliness. But in terms of being constantly attacked by malware and all the hacker crap, Linux is better than Windows hands down.

Pero para walang gulo, kumuha nalang kayo ng Linux add-on sa Internet. Just Google away and you'll find a dependable one.


P.S. Try searching for Cain & Abel.