Sunday, October 09, 2005

VoIP for all! long distance no more?

VoIP or Voice over IP has been recently a hot topic in the news lately when NTC released its official stand about it. Read it here. Classifying VoIP as a value added services has sent a wide grin on the faces of companies who despised long distance charges. However, telcos were not quite amused by it, considering that every ISP in the country can host voice services to compete with the "giants" in the telecommunication industry. Imagine this, a 20 year old IT whiz geek who pride himself on his expertise in configuring a VoIP server using a high end PC clone, will just need to have 3 to 5 trunk lines and a high speed bandwidth internet connection then viola! a full operational Voice services for US pinoys who would like to call their CDO relatives at a lower cost. All they have to do is connect to the VoIP server through the Internet, register, subscribe, send their payment through Western Union and they can call Cagayan de Oro. Then guess what happen to the kid....well he become rich.

Now how in a hell can we do that? I have seen solutions from popular brands. We have Avaya, Cisco, 3com, Huawei and etc. who have sell complete solutions on VoIP. But how about for those offices that needs to connect to VoIP and doesnt have enough money to invest on 10 thousand dollars worth of machine? Consider a company with 3 offices in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Manila needs to call their sub offices everyday for reports and stuffs. And these suboffices needs to call their Main Office and other suppliers in Manila everyday too. From the sound of it, you think of thousands of dollars in equipment alone. However, what if we can make an alternative solution which is much lower and cheaper but the same functionality. 1000 dollars high end PC to be used as a VoIP server, 100 dollars FXO gateway, 2 units of 70 dollars FXS gateway and snacks, professional charges at 1000 dollars maybe or less...then you got your system. All in all we have 2,240 dollars for an initial invetsment on a full operational VoIP system.

The secret of this cheap alternative solution will be on the VoIP server which basically was a Linux Open Source PBX technology. For those who are interested or who are looking for an expert on this, our group can certainly help you in so many ways. Please email me, or for details and inquiries.

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