Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Green Palm Tree

After a long 3 weeks in Malaysia, i am just so happy to be back here in Singapore and go on with the normal and convenient life of being here. It was a nice morning.

And this is the first view I see, the moment i opened my eyes from my 7 hours deep slumber. A GREEN PALM TREE. The palm tree who greets every morning and wave her leaves as if telling me..wake up Kristian for the new morning is waiting for you.

So I got up and opened the window, then look up to the sky, complimenting the new morning with its beauty and admiring the sight with my friend..the Green Palm Tree.

With all the hassles and bustle of daily life...with all this gadgets mingling with our lifestyle, with all the friends hanging around you, with all the pain, pressure and hardships we have survived..sometimes the best friend we could have is someone who just show us how beautiful the world is...even she remains silent and would never speak to you..but by her simple truly feel then she is there..admiring you...looking at you and telling you..Be thankful because God Loves you so much.

Thats my true friend...the Green Palm Tree.She never speaks to me..but she has told me everything I need to know...

Thank God it is Saturday.......

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