Sunday, September 10, 2006

nonsense sentiments

For all the days...this is the path I always took when going to Jurong MRT. The MRT lanes above serves as the roof, especially when it rains.

Here I am... under the concrete Jurong MRT lanes. With the indifference of the place, the only friend I have to listen to was the MP3 player which I bought for 69 dollars in West Mall. In times like is my ultimate retreat and comfort. adopted home in Singapore, which brought much comfort and memories in my entire stay.

The flat where I stayed with both of my Indonesian housemates Didi and Ari. The sala is facing the swimming pool, which makes it accomodating and convenient.

This is the view that will greet you whenever you get inside Montrosa...such a nice place, i can say....although there are times that I find the place so lonely.....

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