Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My test nook in Delta Network

After Micasa Hotel, another prospective project in Malaysia is coming in. An this time it is a 3 building apartment with 25 stories each. Quite a big apartment, and I am not sure for how long will I stay in Malaysia for this one.

Anyway I am here in my office, facing my Intel Server,Compaq Presario and Dell Inspiron 630m laptop. There is no really many things to test here, unlike when your working in an ISP or a telecommunications company. I am spending my time, just exploring the features of this Lok box, which as of now I find discouraging. I have been in contact with their US tech engineers, but it seems that most of those who responded were not that really familiar with the box.

Well here I am..in my new test nook as I call it. Quite a private room, which I will share with a Russian CDMA engineer, Alex. He will be putting his Agilent CDMA test Analyzer in his table, and I will be putting my Data cabinet at my side too.

Next week, some contractors will be coming here to construct the tables and cabinets for this room, so I am expecting that this room would look more arranged.

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