Thursday, November 24, 2005

DSLAM training on Zyxel IES-1248

We just had our training on Zyxel DSLAM conducted by engineers from Zenshin Systems. Some stuff on configuration and troubleshooting were discussed, also open forums regarding existing problems on CPE's and DSLAM configuration. But what interested me was the feature on multiple PVC. With this feature i can dedicate a connection to each services and route it through a VLAN switch. Separate connection for voice, video and internet browsing. I can also create a separate PVC for management purposes only. Separate VLAN for subscribers and for our network is also a good one, so we can protect our routers from possible attack from DSL subscribers. However, the best part of the training was the free jackets given to all participants. Hmmm, if all suppliers are like this, you bet their names will always be remembered.

By the way, i think i have to do several simulation test these coming days, to verify its features. As of now, i am still drowning myself from this myriad of wireless equipments.

By the way that picture above is during the DSL training i conducted to Marketing and Sales Department. How in a hell, it pop up in this post hehehe...well just leave it there.

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