Thursday, November 10, 2005

Got so busy with wireless

I felt my head is already vibrating already because of the radio signals coming through in and out of my brain. It feels like i am inside a microwave oven and waiting for my brain to be toasted and fried by these microwave frequencies. 2.4Ghz and 5.7Ghz becomes my bestfriend nowadays. I was assigned as the lead engineer for the wireless testing team which is responsible of testing all wireless products being submitted to us. We are currently working on the tranche 2 wireless data expansion in Mindanao. Gosh! wires , antennas and radio are cluttered in our makeshift wireless lab which consist of 2 PC, Voip gateway, qcheck software, traffic emulators and asterisk server. Hopefully we can purchase the test equipment we have been waiting for. Beside the wireless lab is also setup for DSL testing. We have radios from Infinet, Motorola, Trango, Proxim, SkyPilot, WiLan, Angel, etc. By the way, we have the 25 percent weigth for the wireless product that would win in this project.

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