Monday, November 28, 2005

VoIP again....CDO call center coming

here i am staring at my pc in the office thinking...wondering how would i present such technology in a very simple way that would make my audience composed of marketing and sales people understand. We have been launching products on VoIP such as call center solutions, Voice over Wireless, Voice Over DSL, etc. In one word, its VoIP. Kolosos my colleague from Network Management Center have just discussed with me the basic architecture of a PSTN network against a VoIP network. Well, it is much alike though by principle...the only thing that differs are the protocols, the medium and i guess the hardware. Right now, everyone here is so busy about this local call center in Lim Ket Kai which is about to launch this month. It has been 3 days now that everyone is discussing possible setup and configurations to come up with the best solution for this new local call center. This would be definitely the first CDO local call center. Ariba!!! let me hear you say yeah!!.This would be the second call center in CDO that we will be supporting but this new one is the first one where we design the whole call center solutions including the server and clients. One tip, this one is own by a prominent cable tv operator here in Cagayan de Oro. I bet that would be a bunch of good looking ladies there in that call center. And its funny that the site was the same site where the famous high class bar "Pyramid" was formerly located.

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