Sunday, November 13, 2005

High Ridge at Aluba Macasandig : CDO's newest tourist spot

I was surprised recently when a huge banner pop up infront the house, and a huge post saying "High Ridge tourist spot destination overlooking the city THIS WAY" Then i began to notice several vehicles going up to the place we once called "The Heaven". The place was once closed by police because of so many teenagers are coming there bringing with them liqours. Lovers and couples in the past once enjoyed hiking to top, bringing with them food and having picnic while looking at the wide horizon above the sprawling city of Cagayn de Oro. I remember, we used to sit down in a sampaloc tree just meters away from the Liberty Transmission Tower . But after several months last year, the place was closed down at night because of so many visitors drinking, pot sessions(daw?) and sometimes car sex (whew! doing it under the moonlight..hehhehe). Then last month, the place was declared a tourist spot. We thought it was the same place, but it turn out to be farther from the place we knew as Heaven. Last night, we visit the place and it was beautiful. Approximately a kilometer away from the highway below, we travelled by almost 15 minutes until we arrived there. We arrived in a wooden gate with a name High Ridge, then we follow a narrow path which leads to the restaurant. Entrance fee is 50 pesos which is consumable. They said the restaurant is a branch of Dear Manok, since it was owned by the same person. Th place was not really spacious but there are tables and the chairs in the ground. There were green and blue lights decorated on palm trees. There are also tables in the ridge area, where you can dine while enjoying the sight of the whole city. A good place to dine, chat, think (?) and maybe to show off your romantic juice to your partner. It is an open ground, where you can see the stars above and the yellow lights emanating from the metropolis. Too bad it rains when we were there, so we did not enjoy the sight so well. But for all of you who wants to visit the area just follow the road to Aluba until you will arrived in an intersection where the left road leads to Libona. Youll find the banner there and the arrow signs. You will notice also a closed small store in the second house, dont mind that, coz it is where i live hehehehhe.

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