Friday, June 02, 2006

Malaysia Trip

I was told by our Sales Manager that i have to prepare for a Malaysia trip this Monday. We will be meeting an ISP there who has a project in a 5 star hotel. The project is wifi hotspot for all the 290 rooms, 3 restaurants, 2 conference rooms and the whole building lobbies. We have to convince this ISP that we are the experts on this kind of thing...brrrrr and do you know who is the expert they were referring to?.....ME.

The letter send to them reads like this,..our wireless technical specialist will be coming also to discuss technical details on the project. I have done test on 10 different radios but hotspot as big like this..not yet. But, again...once technical always technical...It is just a matter of signal mapping, getting the location of access points, getting signal strength and plotting the signal into a diagram. AirMagnet surveyor is the expert on that, although it cost 2000 USD. So for this trip, i just have to use Netstumbler to get SNR, Signal Strength, Noise margin, etc.

Well, i dont have a digital camera, so no pictures for this Malaysia trip, but somehow i am quite sure i will be going back there for many times. Hopefully, we got this project so i have something to be busy about for the whole year.

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