Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The power of Lok Box

I attended a technical training for Lok Technology at the 3rd floor office of IDS in Creative Building. It was just infront the Strategy tower, so it is only a walk away from our office. The training location was on the Qualacom Datacenter conference room. It was conducted by Russ Grant, the technical consultant and a former technical manager of American Airlines.

The product was more of an all in one network appliance which covers all basic network services needed for an ISP operation. As they say it is like a ISP solution in a box. With one box you can have a bandwidth manager, firewall, intrusion detection, router, proxy server/web cache, billing server, RADIUS, etc. It is like a box of network goodies rolled into one. Imagine putting up an ISP with only 1 box in your rack. Of course, as a technical guy, we always ask about its performance. In a appliance like this, we always ask, in what service does it perform best? As a bandwidth manager and a firewall? As a proxy server and RADIUS? Or just as a billing server. But with altogether you run them all, then we ask about its limitation, reliability and mean time before failure. It is basically a new box, although its inventor Simon Lok a very popularly known scientist-genius, who was noted by his colleague as tech crazy, for using a 3D eye glass as his monitor, is quite long in the networking business already.

The training was quite informative, mostly discussing the features of the Lok Box. With all those features, i dont think 2 days is enough if we would like to discuss everything. But in summary, configuration is very simple. A GUI console accesible by a web browser and then you read click, read click. Hmmm, those CCNA fanatics will never like this box, typing commands on the console is quite cool than clicking on those window based console hehehehehe.

The training ended 2 pm, and I have go back to the office. Friday, i was told to visit CommunicAsia exhibits to source out some network solutions available in the market. Then, at friday afternoon, i was told to stay because Bangladesh visitors are coming, and i have to present Lok box. Then, night came, nobody came..of course it is the last day of CommunicAsia, those guys are already drunk and prancing around bars and clubs before going home to their country.

Well....we still have the Net to surf.........

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