Sunday, June 04, 2006

TrainSignal CWNA Video

I tried searching for Wireless reference with Bitlord and i found one torrent on Train Signal Wireless. It is one of the best training video i have watched so far when it comes to wireless. I have spend my whole afternoon watching the videos...I am quite alone today because my two Indonesian room mates were out watching the movie Xmen 3. The demonstration on Netstumbler, AirMagnet, Airdefense and Qcheck were quite very interesting. Also the demo on WEP and WPA cracking using the AirCrack tool. Well, i have to prepare my clothes for I have to be in Lavender MRT by 7 am. I can take a bus going Bukit Batok and has to spend 30 minutes in MRT I guess to arrive there. Malaysia is just very near Singapore and you can take a bus in going there. Well, gotta sleep now........

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