Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My own corner in the office

From Suntec City Tower One, we have transferred to International Business Park. The Strategy last Monday. I have spend my whole Sunday afternoon, putting all the PC of my colleagues in their respective cubicles. And I was happy since I was given my own cubicle and a table, not really a big one but having your own private corner to work is much better. The office was really big, wide and beautiful, with all the view of the garden around us. It is like working in the center of the park, where you see the plants, birds and the small fountain from your table. It was really nice, much better since the company's CEO has declared one big room at the side of the conference room as my IT laboratory and testing room. Hmmm at last, before in Philcom i have place myself in server room just to have a test area, and here they are giving me the whole room. Well, the problem as of now i still dont have nothing to test except for a lone win2000 server, 2 wireless access point, 1 small USB voip gateway and a lot of UTP cables. Well, the only difference is that i have my own laptop to use, a silver color with white plastic outline DELL Inspiron 630m, which makes it like a MAC notebook from afar. To make it more MAC-like i use the FlyakiteOSX to change the Windows theme. Hmmm, everybody in the office were asking me then, why i am using Mac.

Late this afternoon, i have spent my whole time trying to think ways how to crack the administrator password of the Win2000 server given to me. I ended asking the help from KLUG mailing list. While waiting for their response, i also made my own googling around the net, looking for the solution. Burn a CD with EBCD software, and boot it up. Reset the machine adminstrator password to none and reboot Win2k server to directory server restore mode and then go to registry and edit some keys as instructed by www.petri.co.il/forgot_administrator_password.htm

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