Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hardware Review 2: Wireless Radio

One of my favorite BWA radio Airspan AS4030 capable of up to 45mbps data rate and operating at frequency at 3.5ghz frequency. The equipemnt is quite good especially with it's built in bandwidth management which allows using of service flows with corresponding priority. Which means, you can allocate fixed bandwidth for each traffic and identify the priority of each one. Streaming traffic such as voice will have the first priority and a fixed bandwidth in the pipe to allow trouble free voice communication. The coolest part is that it has 8 built in E1 ports which you can use for TDM channels. Well, with this ports, we can extend the PSTN services to a nearby remote location wiothout the need for E1 converters. It is more of a TDMoIP technology, which allows TDM over IP.

Another WiFi radio is the russian made Infinet Wireless Router. Imagine a router, bandwidth manager, VOIP gatekeeper, vpn endpoint and QoS all in one. So much features inside that i doubt if it is capable of long distance range. I heard it has an amplified version which has a built in amplifier inside the radio. But tried to test it, and its performance on voice stream was excellent. Even the response to streaming traffic, is much higher compared to other radio. Definitely an all in one wifi radio in the market.

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