Saturday, December 10, 2005

another DSL simulation test

Just planning the possible simulation test for our DSL services. Hmmm...each port will have multiple channels with different service levels and prioritization. It just like one big pipe with a number of small pipes inside. Now in that one port, i can allocate services for each channel and identifiy its prioritization. Okey, let me translate it to simpler words. A client with DSL can have internet, data and video services just using one modem and one port from our DSLAM. Voice and Video will have a separate pipes each and will always have the prioritization when transmitted. In this way, its just like voice and video will be running in a separate pipe but still they are part of a bigger pipe. Hmmmmm....Triple play as they say..With this kind of technology i can give you an internet access and at the same time can allow you have services which are locally accessed such as video server, game server or a voip server. Well, i have my two Zyxel Prestige P660R modems, Zyxel 1248 DSLAM, two patch cords, two Telco SIP gateways, two Level-One switches and a black-cased Pentium 4 PC with an 80gb SATA and 512mb memory in my table. Looks like i am ready for some heavy testing. Well i have to tell K0l0s0s that i have to tap in his Softswitch to make this work. Just another day....and Christmas is in the air. How i wish those people in the 4th floor would consider a Bonus earlier for the people below. hehehehehe.

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