Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Kristian's Test Nook

Just spend my whole day, packing up the wireless radio i tested for a week. These are to be brought back to their respective suppliers next week. Hmmm, but still my table is as topsy turvy as yesterday...test table as they said. Just played with a Veo Wireless Observer and a Protech broadband router a minute ago. And the Wireless IP Camera is definitely cool! You can remotely control its movement through the Internet or on a LAN. Tried to put it in the cafeteria and shoot some pictures of ladies heheheh eating there, while i am inside the server room. Also, played with it by shooting pictures on my little nook here in the office.

These are my console stations, a 512MB DDR,80GB SATA, 64MB GeForce, Pentium 4 2.8Ghz CPU and 17" Silver Black Monitor courtesy of Dataworld. And an old ECS laptop which i borrowed from my Boss. Another HP Brio is hidden below the table also for testing.

These are the recent toys I played with. A level one VPN/Broadband Routers, Zyxel Prestige modems, Airspan AP and SU IDU,BATM Telco gateways and Welltech FXO. Hopefully there are more to come, so ill enjoy more playing here in my little test nook.

For a view, this is my nook, at the right side of the server room. Not really a good place but the reason i was here coz the wireless radio are at the rooftop. And the cables are in the right side window.

You may notice the modems hanging in the picture..those were my christmas decorations. Hehehehe it blinks like christmas lights especially when the server room lights were turn off. And those cables are my christmas tree.....

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