Friday, December 30, 2005

MultiModule xDSL Tester

Just received recently a new toy for my test nook playplace yesterday. And this time it is the Sunset XDSL tester version 1. Its quite a good gadget with a rugged and dark look. It has separate modules for different test platforms which makes it flexible. I remember the test tool I used before when i was working with Alcatel Abu Dhabi, the Wavetek. Its one hell of a test unit, so rugged and compact yet filled with so much features and capabilities in a testing environment.

Well got to play with this one, my Boss were expecting a report in a week. Its quite one good toy, i think. This will save us time in analyzing and isolating field problems. Ill give you my feedback regarding this unit next year. So just keep in touch and keep visiting me for updates on new gadgets and equipments i play with everyday.

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