Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What a Life!!!!....Its so hard

I was standing in front Ororama Superstore, and minutes have already passed and i am still wondering why and how did i spend my 1,000 pesos. With all the skyrocketing prices of goods now, i dont know how will i survive every day. Christmas is fast approaching, and im still thinking how would i buy that 150 pesos exchange gift for our christmas party. Life so hard nowadays....sometimes i would ask myself, how much more can i do to change everything. For the past years, i have always been working. And in that long time, i have prove to be at always at my best, in every company i was employed. I have been very hardworking and every one in my family knows that. But, why until now i am still having a hard time?....earning money that is almost not enough to sustain.

Yes, people may say that what i am doing is not enough...but i have been consistent in every way. I have been always ambitious and not stopping in improving my abilities and skill. Today i only have 30 pesos left in my pocket...and God, i have scratched my head enough to think where would i find money for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

man, youre not alone with your sentiments and that makes us 2 now, LOL :D, try not to limit looking or assessing yourself only, include those people around you, consider the economic condition this country have, i may say whatever you would do will not be enough (in their pockets.. *oh my taxes* where did you ever go?)