Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Gearing up for our Christmas Party

Hmmmm...christmas is in the air and everyone so busy about everything. Parties, gifts and presentation were the words buzzing in every nook of this 4 story building. And i was thinking that all people thought that when your in IT department, youre a nerd, wearing eye glasses, talks like an alien from another planet since you speak of abbreviations and codes. Talks like an alien...that is weird..but i was never like that. So i told my colleagues in the office, its time that we show them what IT guys are really made of. So we agreed to do a song presentation. Basically, it would be a kind of an acoustic thing. Perhaps if everything would be ok, we will have a bass and a two acoustic guitars to accompany me. Hehehehe, so i would be singing after all. Another year and i am here singing again with another company.

However i miss also the people from the old company i was part before. Those people were really full of vigor and enthusiasm. We had a dance presentation that time, where i lead the technical department. Luckily, after may years (daw) we have garnered the 3rd place award. I miss the friends i have there too, sometimes there are people that are unforgettable, although they already have forgotten you.

Well got to go, i have to fine tune this voice packets coming out from my esophagus. Hopefully, QoS will work this time, prioritizing the good tones before the bad ones.

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